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bigSTORY accounts for how stories are created, live in networks, and influence behaviors. Ours is the only process of its kind in the world. We put our theory of storytelling into practice with the goal of helping our clients create more meaningful connections with their employees, partners and customers.

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Our Flipboard journal is committed to identifying thought leadership focused on how stories are created, live in networks, and influence behavior.
  • Manulife Finds Global Success in Local Stories

    Francesco Lagutaine the new CMO for Manulife APAC, wants to change the way they tell stories...

  • Shareability Wins Big In Italy

    Our friend Erick Brownstein, a partner in Shareability, a company Ad Age frequently lists as one of the top viral video producers in their industry, joins us for the bigSTORY Conference...

  • A Gangster Gardener in South Central LA

    Ron Finley does not accept at face value what we have to say. His skepticism is intimidating. Gangsta. We work through it to collaborate on his earth-changing TED Talk.


What We Do

We help brands and agencies use organizational storytelling to drive revenue, customer advocacy and employee retention.


bigSTORY accounts for how the stories of an organization and those of its employees and customers connect, influence behaviors and shape the future.

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bigSTORY hosts both public conferences and private retreats that bring together business executives and practitioners from around the world whose work is focused on organizational storytelling.

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bigSTORY publishes a quarterly journal, ERGO, that offers insights, case studies and analyses related to organizational storytelling. And lots of good visual storytelling.

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…I am an enthusiastic supporter and admirer of bigSTORY…

Howard E. Green, VP, Communications, Walt Disney Animation Studios

In one week, I’ve already seen the impact of these sessions on our sales…

Marty Leamy, President, EPiServer, Inc.

Very relevant to the changing economic climate and non-linear world we live in today…

Andrew Kahl, Vice President Customer Support Delivery, NetApp

…pioneering a methodology for the next generation of highly effective brand storytellers.

Arsen Yeremin, Partner, Mavin Group

What’s your organization’s story?

How do you express it? Does it make work meaningful? Do you co-create it with your co-workers and customers? Does it touch the world?

Your data is big, why not your story?

Every organization is swimming in data. Structured. Raw. Internal. External. Inputs. Outputs. It’s a regular data tsunami out there. Is your story big enough to help you make sense of all those numbers?

Do you move your audiences?

Stories move us emotionally. When we are moved emotionally, we go from being observers to being fans. Fans validate, re-tell, and add to your brand’s story. They are your best salespeople. They improve your odds, even while you’re sleeping. In a hammock on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

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What is your bigSTORY?