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bigSTORY accounts for how stories are created, live in networks, and influence behaviors. Ours is the only process of its kind in the world. We put our theory of storytelling into practice with the goal of helping our clients create more meaningful connections with their employees, partners and customers.

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  • Stories Told Together Move The World


Storytelling Solutions  for a Networked World

bigSTORY’s one-of-a-kind process accounts for how and why stories form in networks, influence behaviors and are most likely to shape the future. Our work is based on 25 years of new research in how organizations and communities apply storytelling in their leadership, marketing and communications functions.

Companies and teams who co-create stories [instead of scripting them and imposing

them on a market or an organization, share a sense of purpose, can self-organize, make aligned decisions, and solve problems faster, because they solve them together, unfettered by any bias about where the good ideas come from.

Their leaders have a sense of tempo, know when to be patient, and when to cut to the chase. Employee engagement is high, because everyone loves a good story, especially when they play a role in it. Their relationships with customers are

strong and lasting, because they honor and participate effectively in customer stories.

We help you move your organization from telling stories at people, to creating them with people. It’s a huge difference in your storytelling approach, with world-moving implications.

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  • Analysis & Strategy

    Narrative analysis of business performance and opportunities; better context for data; story-based tactics for strategy implementation

  • Enterprise Storytelling

    Multi-disciplinary workshops improve your organization’s or community’s ability to engage employees, customers, citizens

  • Leadership Storytelling

    World-class training to help your leaders express their vision, and win over audiences

  • Brand Communication

    Workshops develop and explore themes that matter to your customers

  • Creativity & Ideation

    A ‘Yes-and’ approach used by theatrical improvisers results in breakthrough ideas that no individual could’ve arrived at on their own

  • Sales Training

    High-energy sessions led by skilled facilitators help your sales team place your offering in the context of customer narratives

  • Content Production

    We draw on the world’s richest talent pool of professional storytellers to produce media that delivers lasting impact

  • Community Development

    Civic engagements that honor more voices, turn conflicts into opportunities for growth, and yield profound solutions

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