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 Jeremi Karnell

  (24 articles)

Jeremi Karnell has over 18 years of experience in CEO, president, and CMO roles in companies ranging from early-stage businesses to the Fortune 500, and has expertise in marketing, professional services, and digital product innovation and development. Karnell is a serial entrepreneur and has founded 4 companies, including one which he scaled to more than $100M in gross revenue and over 200 employees across the globe. He has significant business expertise in operating and scaling professional services firms and has helped run significant operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. In late 2013, Jeremi sold a start-up he co-founded, called OfferGraph, to PolyGraph Media in Austin, TX. OfferGraph was an early-stage multitenant SAAS platform that allows brands to identify, connect with, and monetize relationships with key influencers and their social networks. He helped acquire OfferGraph's core IP and team from Harvard University, which was beta testing with major social networks such as LinkedIn. Prior to this, Karnell was Founder and President of One to One Interactive. He played a major role in establishing the firm's position as an industry leader in online customer insight, customer activation, and cultivation solutions. Jeremi also managed the US and international sales and marketing team, which generated over $20M in net digital marketing revenue with a 40% CAGR from 2005–2012. Under his leadership, One to One was recognized as one of Fortune Magazine's Fastest-Growing Companies, BtoB Magazine’s Agency of the Year, and one of AdAge's Top 100 Agencies in the United States.