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bigSTORY accounts for how stories are created, live in networks, and influence behaviors. Ours is the only process of its kind in the world. We put our theory of storytelling into practice with the goal of helping our clients create more meaningful connections with their employees, partners and customers.

What is your bigSTORY?

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The bigSTORY Journal

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Our Flipboard journal is committed to identifying thought leadership focused on how stories are created, live in networks, and influence behavior.

Our Values

Stories Move The World

Our work brings new stories to life, and breathes new life into old stories. We believe in collaboration. And participation. This is because we want to make your work and ours as easy, efficient, productive, and rewarding as possible, so we all have time for family, friends and various other expressions of what and whom we love.

We believe work should be both purposeful and playful, because focused play is the essence of creativity.  Play energizes getting things done.

We like big ideas, because they  are the themes that connect your story with mine, and our story with millions.

“You are giving yourself permission to explore new ideas and perspectives and doing so from a place of intrinsic motivation.”

– Dr. Pamela Meyer, From Workplace to Playspace

At the end of the day, another day awaits. All is never said and done. What she wrote is never all she wrote. There are always new and emergent ways to express ourselves, as individuals and as organizations. We don’t worry about the ways. The mechanisms. The platforms. The modes. They come and go. What doesn’t go away, what will always be with us, are our stories. We cherish our participation in this timeless craft.  Bringing stories to life is our professional practice, and it is the way we live our lives.

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What is your bigSTORY?