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Mike Bonifer’s book, GameChangers, describes how the principles of improvisation for the theater can be applied to the theater of business. An essential text for the libraries of every organization aspiring to be more agile! Order your copy here and get a $5 discount.

As we move from the rigid, hierarchical organizations of the Industrial Age to the fluid, non-linear models of the Networked World, GameChangers have never been more important or essential. Whenever teamwork, creativity, flexibility and problem-solving skills are necessary for success, these players step up. They develop relationships that are good for business. They pay careful attention to details and at the same time have expansive worldviews. They are quick-on-their-feet, unflappable and in tune with their teammates, stakeholders and the marketplace. They are the top performers in any organization – the best managers, the most resourceful employees, the culture-shapers. They play the game and make things happen. In short, GameChangers are masters of improvisation in business. “Mike Bonifer’s GameChangers is anchored in the principle that WE have the best collective solution to our challenges, opportunities, and complex problems. OUR innovation, creativity, improvement, inspiration and intuition are tremendous assets that we have the opportunity to seize on a daily basis. Change juxtaposed against best business principles is the constant contest. GameChangers gives a team, its leaders and its individual players Substantial and Sensible tools for resolving this contest First and Best. Wondering how to achieve the highest levels of business reinvention, rejuvenation and relevance? Wow…Done, Done, and DONE!” Charles L. Frost Business Educator and Executive Coach