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bigSTORY accounts for how stories are created, live in networks, and influence behaviors. Ours is the only process of its kind in the world. We put our theory of storytelling into practice with the goal of helping our clients create more meaningful connections with their employees, partners and customers.

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  • Our Story Begins

    A one-day customized workshop for companies, brands and agencies to tune up and better focus their organizational storytelling practices.


The Opportunity

This year, you and your organization will process more information and make more mission-critical decisions than ever before. You’ll encounter unprecedented speeds to market, more disruptive technologies, and more challenges that nobody could have predicted. How do you focus and align your company? With bigSTORY’s one-day Our Story Begins workshop. 
bigSTORY’s one-day Our Story Begins workshop is a super-effective way to bolster your current marketing strategy. Our one-of-a-kind collaborative storytelling process is a way for you and your team to consistently co-create your narrative with your customers, your partners and with one another.
You’ll get a better understanding of how you got where you are. Get a jump on the things that will be important to your company and your customers. Level up with trends and tools. And get everyone in sync, energized and enthusiastic for the possibilities the year holds.

The Workshop


We warm up, get everyone attuned to one another and sharpen their group focus, in a series of improv activities.

We help you analyze your current storytelling strategies, tactics, and practices, and look at organizational effectiveness in terms of bigSTORY metrics. We look at any current communication dysfunctions, and help you move toward remedies.

We agree on big stories that are most likely to affect your organization in the coming year, and suggest ways to participate in them. Or minimize their impact. We define the essential bigSTORY concept for our afternoon session: the relationship between games and stories.


A one-hour lunch will be accompanied by a series of videos and playful activities that give participants further insights into the power of stories to shape the future. They will learn of the crucial, highly-consequential differences between told AT people and stories told WITH people.


The second half of the Our Story Begins workshop focuses on the ‘how’ of your organizational storytelling process.

The simplest answer to how you’ll achieve your organization’s vision is that it will most likely be in a way you hadn’t foreseen. You will adapt. Pivot. Improvise. Capitalize on unexpected opportunities. Detour around unanticipated roadblocks. You need the engines that will drive your story toward your vision, no matter what kinds of twists and turns it takes. Script your story and you’ll be off-script in a month. Design the engines that drive it, and you’ll hold your focus no matter what kinds of adjustments you have to make.

In the second half of the workshop, participants will learn how to design and implement our ERGO story engines. ERGO stands for Environment / Roles / Guidelines / Objective. Working in teams, participants will design ERGO story engines for at least three business objectives (the ‘O’ in the ERGO).

We will then play through scenarios that give people practice in modifying their ERGO designs in order to adapt to unexpected opportunities and challenges. You will learn how to change the game before it changes you.

We conclude the workshop with questions and reflections, and one final activity with the full group–a group dedication to the good work we’ve done together that day.

The Scene

We conduct bigSTORY workshops in open spaces that can be easily configured for different full group and breakout activities. We don’t do role playing. We do act out scenarios, share stories, sketch, make lists, visualize data, and improvise our way to exceptional outcomes. The experience is a memorable one for all involved, and what a person gains from it can last a lifetime.


ERGO story engines can drive toward six different types of story outcomes, depending on their design and your business objectives:


Over the course of the year, you will find that our bigSTORY process consistently generates remarkable improvements in:

Customer Advocacy

Employee Engagement



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